A Day to Be Alone…

I fought for you
but you never knew
and you still don’t.

You won’t because
I took care of you.

I fight every day
but I never knew
not until last night.

I keep myself hidden
… even from myself.

He comes back around again
he doesn’t know that I let him
he won’t know that it’s for you.

I am only wanting you
to see me… through his eyes.

You break me with
every gentle breath

with every word
you refuse to speak

then you bring me back.

with each kiss you
try to keep away from me

you pull me in tighter
and closer

I watched you behind that door
I listened and learned
how to twist it and turn it,

but you never saw me
did you?

Do you see me now
do you see what he does
what I do for him?

It’s just a game
I’m still trying to win your attention.

Do you see the way I like it
Or, how it hurts me
the anger, the tears, the scars?

They all belong to you
but I’m letting him claim them.

I have protected you my whole life
and I will continue to do so
because that is what I do.

I watched you behind that door
and I was scared for you too…

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