Work B**ch

Crazies are back…. um, Tag, your it? Huh?
Are we playing a game?
I don’t have time for the Tom Ford suits?
LOL – I hit my limit, remember?

I really have issues and don’t feel well.
Is there a point to all of this?
I’m chasing several people right now…
Seems I have a blank space on Tuesdays?

I’m looking for validation.
It’s more than apparent I don’t do it for you
No BBMs for me, remember?
Tried that, Mr Grey, you ignored me.

Yeah, I don’t feel well and hate games
Doesn’t seem like it, I know.
But, you stepped out
No show, no pics, no heels?

Ya see, now I don’t care
Tom Ford suit and all.
Give me the uniform
Or, the closed door.

Now get to work, Bitch!

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