a quote about stigma

So honest! So true. When and why won’t people wake up to this? Why look at it. They don’t read it. They don’t take it in and internalize it! So good!


The stigma causes some patients not to seek treatment. Many families resist sending loved ones who are ill to get care. Patients suffer. Patients with schizophrenia die at a younger age than healthy people. In too many instances, patients kill themselves. Suicide is the number one cause of premature death in schizophrenia. Lives are ruined.

I’m frustrated by this. If someone suffers a stroke or a concussion, we say, “We need to get them help right away.” If a person suffers from cognitive decline later in life, we say the same thing. If a child has a reading disability, we say, “We need to do something about that.”

But if a 20-year-old kid has a psychotic episode, society wants to ignore him. Many mentally ill people end up becoming homeless or the victims of crimes and have nowhere to turn. The largest psychiatric treatment center in the United States isn’t…

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I won’t tell. I promise.

2015-04-06 16.09.25_resized

you are breaking me, still… 
wherever you are out there
still taking Peaces of me
did you know you were suppose to stop? 

you told me we were playing a game
I didn’t know the rules
didn’t know this game would last forever
what a good girl I have been

it’s ok though.
I won’t tell.
I promise.

I understand. I really do.
just put me back now. That’s all I ask. 
put my Peaces back together.
I need them, you see… 
I’m trying to figure it all out

It’s ok.
I won’t tell.
I promise.

you can leave the light off
I know my way around this game
I will quietly take my clothes and….
No, no. Please don’t touch!
really, I can do it myself
…and I won’t tell them you were here
none of you…

I promise…


Picking me apart like I’m some appetizer at some bullshit party that no one gives a shit about…

So he tells me… I’m either a doormat or a bitch.

He says there’s nothing in between.  “Gotta find that in-between, Jami.” That’s what he says. If I want to be successful?  Successful?  Whaaaat? It’s not a fucking game? What the fuck?

Good to know though… should I finally decide to open back up for business. Seriously? What?

Whatever… I hate Indiana!