Have some facts with that award…


I lost it… I found it… I lost it again… I’ve been lost a lot lately, but I knew I had to find this! I lost the link to this blog… it’s a long story. Only I could lose a link… Nevermind…. What really matters is that an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. new blogger Mira65 nominated me for this award! She has such a great spirit! So excited every time she is here… she is very contagious! In our world today I realize that being contagious is not a good thing… However, SHE is a VERY good person! 🙂 Thank you Mira!!!!

11 random facts…

*I was going to say I am concerned about God, but that makes me sound like a pompous idiot – which I suppose I am… I mean to say I have issues with God and that doesn’t even sound much better. .

*I love Neil Gaiman books… and am rather obsessed with him as well (does that count as 2 facts?)

*I have the worst hair on the planet!

*I’m a high school math teacher 🙂

*I have a boyfriend who I should have married instead of the other 3 that I did (no one mentioned to me that you don’t marry all of your boyfriends :/ and I’m a slow, slow learner)  I also shouldn’t assume that he would want to marry me….. eh.

*Night time is both my worst enemy and my best friend.

*I want to visit New Zealand some day.

*I have a sister who I am deathly afraid of but is one of my best friends???? I obviously have amazing friends.

*October – Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year.

*I’m afraid of growing up… and I’m 48 so I think I’m screwed.

*I absolutely love my parents to pieces and thank the God that I am concerned about that I never had to be a parent! 🙂

So I have some rules to follow:

  • Post the award on your blog.
  • Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.
  • Write 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers.
  • Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions.

You saw the facts…. earlier.

Nominations 🙂 NOTE: I tried not to nominate someone if they’d won before – but I didn’t look too hard for it… I figure if I like ’em, that’s what matters!!!

They don’t make a hallmark card for this

Adventures of a Former Scapegoat

Life in a Bind – BPD and me


Moonlight and Madness

The Busted Up Blog

my ghosts and me

therapy journey

Spilling Ink

Still Poetry in Motion

Unravelling The Knots

All sooooo good for so many different reasons… Fish and poems and pictures and mostly just lots of LOVE for life that I don’t think that some of them even realize they know they have…. but, yeah 🙂 Read ’em if ya get the chance.

Questions… lots of questions and answer 🙂

My answers first:

1) I am a high school geometry teacher.
2) I love pets. I have a basset hound. She’s more of a kid than a pet… not a very smart one 😦
3) I am not planning to write a novel. However, I have been told by many that I really should.
4) I LOVE fashion, but I am horrible at designing it!
5) I want to go to New Zealand some day 🙂
6) I am in a long term relationship 🙂
7) I am freakishly emotional….. eeesshhh… yes.
8) I like to believe that I could live without social media, but that could never happen.
9) I am a night owl.
10) I am currently having a bit of a squabble with God. :/

My Questions:

1) What makes you the happiest?
2) Jeans or Sweats?
3) Indoors or Outdoors?
4) What is something that you cannot live without?
5) Coffee or Tea?
6) Do you have a hero?
7) If you could do anything – no worry of money or time – what would it be?
8) What is your favorite book or movie?
9) Small town, Big City or out in the country?
10) Favorite music?

Thank you all for inspiring me 🙂

Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award


I never imagined myself in a sisterhood of anything… this is a great honor.  As I prepared this and the last post, I realized what a mess of emotion I wasted on unimportant things in the last month. That I put aside these nominations for nothing… for a struggle that has been in my life one way or another since… well, forever. No exaggeration. If I had only been strong enough to hold onto these pieces of my life instead.  I worked all summer on Acceptance Commitment Therapy… allowing the battle to play on without me and living my life as it played on. In the end, I stepped in. Went head to head with the smelly orcs. I put aside these good things and chose the battle instead.  I lost.  Or won by losing? The jury is still out on that one.  The fog is still clearing. 

But PEOPLE look what I could have been enjoying instead. The love… So, here I am. A bit late, but still here to say thank you and look here at these great ladies! Sisters of the bloggersphere!

Thank you ccchanel41. Alex, you are a true sista! I have learned so much from you. Most of all to always carry a large bottle of Axe with me where I travel. Please, friends, do not miss out on this blog! My words can not begin to do it justice.  Just go. 

Funny that there are rules to follow…. but there are. I’m horrible with rules. 

Thank and link the person who nominated you 🙂
Add the award to your post and site.
Answer 10 questions provided to by the person nominating you.
Provide 10 questions of your own to be answered by those you nominate. 
Nominate your bloggers for the award.

My ten questions were:

1) Coffee or tea? Coffee in the morning for sure! But!!! Weird fact for the day!!! Green tea – very warm will calm a panic attack. Just found that out last winter.  Couldn’t believe it. 

2) Jeans or sweats? If possible, sweats all day!!!!!

3) Something I can’t live without. Probably my connection to the outside world or music.  There is a very fine line there.  Being alone scares the hell out of me.

4) Country, small town, or big city. Definitely country – with water.

5) Favorite type of music. I can’t do opera. I love live music. I’m not sure I have a favorite.  It’s a mood thing.

6) Rap or Romeo or Juliet? Neither….. I can’t follow Shakespeare. 😦

7) Vegan or Meat and Potatoes?  I’m a meat and potato gal.

8) Do I have a best friend? I think so.

9) Facebook?  For now.

10) Favorite place to travel? Anywhere with water, a boat and my dog 🙂

My questions:
1) What makes you happiest?
2) Jeans or sweats?
3) Indoors or outdoors?
4) What’s your favorite movie or book or cartoon?
5) Do you have a hero? If so, please share.
6) Dog or Cat or other?
7) Small town or big city?
8) Favorite music?
9) If you could do anything what would you do?
10) What would you ask me if you could? 


Msmonsterful is a must Sister of the Traveling Blog. She does everything! Welcome Darling!

Tin@scribbles is a must read… poetry, short stories… all quite awesome! Plese enjoy!

Izzy. Love the honestyin this girl’s blog.  Hope she gets back soon.

Busted  Up Blogger.  Nothing busted up here.  Makes grest sense to me. Love this blog!

Learningtobebipolar has figured it out in  my opinion. Not that wewnt to figure it out. .. but, I’m just saying that this is a great sight. She is set and ready to take this stuff on! You go girl!!!

Obviously NO ONE is obligated to do anything. .. just know that you have been recognized and are special to me.  Also, people might check your blog out if you approve the link. 

Ok… think that’s all I’ve got.  Over and out….

On a happier note…


I have been so wrapped up in myself I haven’t had time to be… um, be wrapped up in me. No seriously, this post and the one that will follow aren’t about me. Other than to say thank you so much! They are both chances for me to say…


Looky, looky what I found! Please go check out at these inspiring blogs!

I’m doing these posts in the order that I was nominated NOT in order of significance.  Obviously to be recognized at anytime by anyone just flips me out.  I wish I could have held onto it over the last month or so… would have shoved it into my brain for distraction.  But, being recognized … being an “inspiration” is a little too trippy for even my brain to grasp. 

Ok, ok…. so one of the rules is to thank and link back to the person who nominated you… ARE YOU KIDDING? Of course, everyone should know this amazing woman by now… thank you Msmonsterful.

I should list the rules because for those of you that I nominate you need to know them :).

1. Thank and link the person who nominated you.
2. List and display the award.
3. Share 3 facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 5 other blogs. New bloggers with less than 500 or so followers. NOTE: I’ve chosen to “not always be able to find” how many followers someone has… eh, sorry  Also, if you’ve received the award before… oops… it’s just that damn inspiring. 

So here we go.

1. I have an amazing 44 lbs bouncing baby basset hound named Paisley. She is the love of my life. I know that no matter what, she will always love me, 🙂
2. I grew up on a little private lake 1/2 in Indiana and 1/2 in Michigan. I believe it is the reason that water is the one place that always brings me back to center. 
3. I played the Montreux Jazz Festival when I was 16 years old. Played piano for Dizzy Gillespie…. what a trip… had fried chicken with him 6 years earlier in Chicago and he remebered teasing me about it… I suppose those are the memories we should hold onto. 

Alex. I can do this. Her blog has been nominated before, but I can still do this and  I’m sure she knows why I say that! Also sure anyone who goes there – you will want to go there – will understand why! Hard love, sista!

The Busted Up Blog. Yes, let’s bust up some shit! Don’t know what took me so long to find this! Good stuff!

Clues To Life never fails to make me smile.  Thank you so very much!

They Don’t Have A Hallmark Card For This. Pretty sure the cup runneth over with followers here, but I couldn’t tell. Good stuff both reading and via comments! Get involved people! You won’t be sorry!

Tin@scribbles. Very cool blog! Thank you for writing so honestly! I will tell the truth. I did not search for awards or followers here. It wouldnot surprise me ( she’s been online a long time) if she has more than allowed in both categories.  I’m sorry, but shush your mouths and go there anyway. 

Thank you 🙂